What is SHARE?

S elf

H elp through

A rts

R ecreation and

E ducation

Simply put:

We aim to help Kelowna, help Kelowna.

We are a nonprofit organization that is 100% dedicated to giving back to this wonderful city. Unlike many other thrift stores, the vast majority of the profits from the items sold in our store directly fund our in-house charitable programs. These carefully crafted SHARE initiatives predominantly aim to provide valuable and transferable employment skills to those who need it most or focus on providing aid at specific times of need to families in our community.


We are also huge supporters of external programs that directly help Kelowna's citizens by committing to mutually-rewarding, long-term partnerships with over 26 other social agencies and programs in the area.


The bottom line is...

...we are operating for the sole purpose of giving back to the community in any way we can.

It's what we're all about!

Kelowna & District S.H.A.R.E. Society

581 Gaston Avenue

Kelowna, BC. V1Y 7E6


General: sharesociety.kd@gmail.com

Pickup/Delivery: sharesociety.deliveries@gmail.com 

Adopt-a-Family Hamper Program: sharesociety.holidayhamper@gmail.com

Phone: 250.763.8117

Fax: 250.763.8109

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Store Hours

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday - Saturday: 10:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Sunday: 11:30AM - 3:30PM

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