Details of Retail Introductory Program


Details of Retail Introductory Program (D.R.I.P) is a retail skills training program offered to those who require more structured support to learn about employment generally and retail more specifically.  Being that there are typically numerous opportunities to secure employment in the retail industry, developing skills in this area can not only lead to quick employment but also provide one with a basic set of skills that can be used to springboard to other employment opportunities.

  • Program participants will likely be facing employment challenges

  • Students work in every aspect of our thrift store operation

  • The first phase of the program is offered to clients one day per week for 16 weeks with daily learning goals and a guided curriculum

  • Because each module is self-contained and recurring, students can enrol anytime during the 16 weeks

  • Upon completion of the initial phase, participants have the opportunity to be paired with an in-house mentor so that they can continue to develop their retail skills in a supportive environment for up an additional 12 weeks

  • There are no tests. Assessment is based on regular self-evaluations over the course of the program and daily group debriefing sessions. The objective of the program is to raise participant awareness of their strengths and limitations and to provide them with the tools needed to address their barriers.

     If you would like to learn more about D.R.I.P, please feel free to contact us by phone or email. New applicants are accepted each September.