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DRIP - Details of Retail Introductory Program
AFP - Adopt a Family Program
CAP - Community Assistance Program

CSW - Community Service Worker Program
VEP - Volunteer Engagement Program
TEP - Transition to Employment Programs

SHARE uses over 80% of revenues from items sold, (in conjunction with monetary donations), to fund community outreach programs.

SHARE runs their programs in-store; these aim to help those in the community that need work training, transitional help, and items when in need.



These programs include:


Details of Retail Introductory Program

DRIP is specifically facilitated to help soon-to-be or recent High School graduates gain valuable employment training prior to entering the workforce.

  • Students enrolled will likely be facing employment obstacles due to a variety of circumstances.

  • DRIP clients attend a 16-week structured learning program led by a teacher with daily learning goals and guided curriculum at SHARE.

  • After this, students receive one-on-one mentorship with an in-house volunteer where they work in the store learning about the regular work habits and practices expected in a retail environment over a 12-week period.

  • Completion of this program gives DRIP clients practical skills, a resume, references, opportunity for summer employment at SHARE, and knowledge about regular workplace environments; ultimately helping to ensure lasting success when taking that next step

If you would like to learn more about DRIP, please feel free to contact us by phone or email. New applicants are accepted each September.


Volunteer Engagement Program

The VEP, (or Working Kind Program), helps to provide volunteer opportunities to people in our community through the SHARE Society Thrift Store.

  • Suitable for anyone looking to gain volunteer hours or work experience through volunteering.

  • Get involved in programs that make a real difference in your community, and feel good about the work you do.

  • Application process is quick and painless!

  • Volunteers not only get rewarded by giving back to the community but also receive a store discount for instore purchases.

  • The VEP is flexible; length of time spent volunteering is completely up to you!

Please click HERE if you would like to learn more about how to become a volunteer at SHARE.


Adopt a Family Holiday Hamper Program

The AFP runs every year around the holidays to help families in our community ensure that financial stress doesn't interfere with this special time.

  • Families that need financial assistance around the holidays can apply to SHARE in order to become enrolled in the Adopt-a-Family Program.

  • AFP runs from September - January.

  • SHARE matches families up with sponsors in the community based on needs, requests, and budget.

  • SHARE also uses sponsor donations made through this program to purchase Safeway gift cards which are then distributed to the homeless population in Kelowna around the holidays.

If you would like to learn more about this program email:



Transition to Employment Program

The TEP works with specific social agencies to help provide employment skills and training to community members transitioning back into the workforce.

  • Employment agencies like PIERS and WorkBC coordinate with SHARE to refer clients that are in need of workplace training and assessment.

  • SHARE provides closely monitored, in-store training to help clients gain the skills that will benefit them the most when re-entering a regular work environment.

  • Through regular correspondence with our partnered employment agencies, SHARE provides feedback on strengths and areas that can be improved upon.

  • The TEP will often help identify barriers for clients, and with supported volunteer work, break through those barriers.

If you would like to learn more about this program, please feel free to email us with your questions.


Community Assistance Program

CAP works in conjunction with over 26 social agencies that SHARE is partnered with to help with specific community needs.


  • CAP supplies clothing, household items, and furniture, free of charge to those individuals who are referred to us by any of the 26+ community agencies SHARE is partnered with.

  • CAP supports programs that address Kelowna’s homeless community with regular donations of clothing, blankets, and sleeping bags.

  • CAP also supports community partner organizations with donations of excess products, including clothing and shoes.

If you would like to learn more about how this program operates or how you might get involved to support it, please contact us at any time by phone or email.


Community Service Worker Program

The CSW Program is an intake program for those, referred from probation services to do court-mandated community service hours.  

  • SHARE supervises, trains, and directs workers, ensuring a flexible and safe environment to complete their hours.

  • Some applicants have even been hired at SHARE.

  • Many different options to gain community hours. Different work available, to find what would be the best fit to give back to the community

To find out more please reach out by phone or email.

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