Mission Statement & Mandate

Our Mission Statement

To provide with caring and compassion:

  • Material support

  • Quality self-help opportunities

  • Promote responsible, personal growth for people in need in the Kelowna and District community

  • To support the above by raising capital and funds

The Kelowna and District SHARE Society is a non-profit, charitable, community-based thrift store. Volunteers are always welcome. SHARE provides personal and household necessities to people in need through different programs and agencies. SHARE is a place for different organizations to send their clients as volunteers, providing on the job training for adults and students, which improves their confidence level, and increases employment skills. SHARE also provides opportunities for individuals who have Community Service Work (C.S.W.’s) to complete their hours and support the community.

Our Mandate

To assist persons and organizations in the planning, co-ordination and effective delivery of community services to low income residents of Kelowna and District and non-residents in need.

To determine the needs of the low-income residents in Kelowna and District and to support, develop or provide services for them in a manner which will encourage their independence and self reliance as individuals.

To provide such community services as:

  • Recycling and redistribution of goods and materials

  • Provision of emergency supplies.

  • Rehabilitation programs for the physically, socially or financially challenged

  • Support programs, such as community referral services

To engage in such other activities that will raise awareness of poverty, promote the relief of poverty, the advancement of life skills training or other purposes of a charitable nature beneficial to the community.

To own such property, receive such funds, donations and grants, and generally engage in such financial activities as will enable the Society to accomplish its services.